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About Metca Health Source

Metca Health source is the leading orthopedic company in Canada. We have specialized in orthopedic products and services. We offer our clients with medical advice concerning the treatment and correction of their musculoskeletal system. At Metca Health source we provide a wide range of braces which include knee, back, wrist, shoulder, ankle and elbow braces. We also have compression stockings which vary in sizes and color.

Our team of experts conduct proper and excellent fitting of braces and stockings to ensure that our clients leave satisfied and enjoy a comfortable life after because we believe that a good fitting brace makes a smiling client. As a company, one of our greatest pleasure is to satisfy our clients through proper customer service.

We are known for our affordable prices and good quality of materials. Our braces are original and efficient, leaving none of our clients with blisters or black marks. Our prices vary depending on the product in question but we can guarantee you that no other company beats our prices.

We love to hear from our clients and receive feedback concerning our services. Please contact us on any of our social media platforms and we shall be glad to get back to you.

Metca Products and services

At Metca Health Source, we provide a wide range of products and services. Our products include knee braces, wrist braces, shoulder braces, back braces, back supports, elbow braces, ankle braces just to mention a few. Our team of experts are well trained to conduct fittings and give the best directives depending on a customer’s need.


Orthotics are footwear insoles that are specially made to correct back, ankle, leg or foot problems. They are inserted in a shoe and can help to provide support to a patient who lacks proper balance. They are also used to prevent more injuries on the leg that could be in place. At Metca Health Source, we provide our clients with custom-made orthotics to suit their preferences.

Medical Bracing

Medical Bracing is done to patients who have suffered injuries on their musculoskeletal system. Other patients need medical bracing to fix deformities and joint infections. Braces act as support systems to the body part in question to accelerate healing and improve the comfort of an individual. At Metca Health Source we have a variety of braces to help fix the needs of our clients.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a special type of socks that are worn by patients who suffer from joint swellings, and ankle or feet injuries. They function on a patient by applying some force on the swollen muscle to quicken its correction. Compression stockings are commonly used by seniors who struggle with liver infections, because their legs tend to swell uncontrollably. There are a variety of reason compression stockings are needed and we can help fit you with a pair that is right for you. Within a period of time, compression stockings reduce the swelling and recover the leg back to its normal state.

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