Products & Services

In the whole of Alberta province, Metca Health Source is highly esteemed for our services and products. Some of the products we offer include shoulder braces, knee braces, elbow braces, compression stockings, ankle braces, back braces and supports, and wrist braces. Our products are custom-made to fit the desires of our clients and they vary in sizes and colour.

Our medical experts provide advice to clients about the right brace to use so that it can work for them. This is to ensure that none of our clients suffer from blisters after using our products. The main desire of Metca Health Source is to see happy clients by giving them the hope of restoration.

Reasons for getting Orthotics, Stockings & Braces

People result to treating musculoskeletal problems at home because it is easier at home than visiting a physician. However this results to further mistakes in the correction of joints. For some, they are left with no other option but to get amputated. Don’t let this be your story. Some of the reasons why you need to get orthotics, stockings and braces include:

  • They quicken the healing process compared to home-made methods.
  • They are comfortable and efficient.
  • They are re-usable.
  • They are long-lasting just in case the same problem re-occurs.
  • They are prescribed by trained physicians and so the chances of anything going wrong are minimal.

Custom Orthotics

These are special devices that are inserted in a shoe by people who suffer from unusual movement of the legs. These include people who suffer from bent ankles or leg muscles. The people are often in a lot of pain and need orthotics to provide support and comfort. They are also used to correct that unusual movement to enable a person to walk well.

At Metca Health Source, we offer custom-made orthotics which are designed for the specific client. We do this to ensure that the product fits the patient to help relieve their pain and discomfort. Using the wrong orthotics can lead to serious damage of the leg and that is why we ensure that all proper tests are done to distinguish which orthotics can be used.

We have the two types of orthotics which include the rigid orthotics and the soft orthotics, each used to treat differently. The rigid orthotics are made of plastic and carbon material whereas the soft orthotics are made of soft compression material.
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Medical Bracing

When patients get injuries, they are asked to reduce their movement to enhance the healing process, Medical bracing is done to people to reduce that body movement. This can be done on the part of the body that had suffered injury. At Metca Health Source we offer our clients with braces of all. We have knee braces, shoulder braces, elbow braces, ankle braces, wrist braces, lumbar braces and supports, fracture walker braces, spinal braces and hip braces among others. We offer for both kids and adults, with all colour and size.

Our braces are made of soft inner material that ensures that our clients do not get blisters and black marks after use. Their efficiency has also been tested and proven to be top-notch. Our amazing medical team provide fittings for all our clients who require braces. This is to ensure that our clients get their right fit for the brace to be effective. They also provide advice on the right brace to pick from depending on the level of damage.

Compression stockings

To many people, these look as though they are a fairly normal pair of socks to wear and will carry on using just that, a regular pair of socks. But to those that face some discomfort, health challenges and even accidental occurrences, compression stockings is what they need. Compression Stockings are mainly meant to regulate blood flow by putting pressure on the legs especially on people that may have faced injuries. Pregnant women whose legs swell also find comfort in them as well as athletes and sports personnel. These stockings are categorized into three, graduated compression stockings, anti embolism stockings (the two are mainly for clinical purposes) and non- medical support stockings and are good for anyone.

At Metca Health Source, we lead in offering the best compression stockings and those of good quality. We always strive to satisfy our patients and so, after quality we ensure to work on pocket friendly products affordable to all our patients. We are also consistent to ensure that our patients do not lack supply n that they get the latest compression stockings in terms of design.

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