The story behind Metca Health Source

Healthy people result to productivity and growth in every region. This fact brought about the establishment of Metca Health Source and indeed it was the greatest move in Edmonton, Alberta. We are mainly an orthopedic health facility well renowned in Canada that attends to both adults and children. We attend to all conditions that affect the bones, tendons, ligaments and joints. Conditions that need orthopedic attention are either inborn or come up some time in life due to lifestyle or just accidentally. Whatever the case, we are always ready to mend any condition by offering the best and satisfactory services.

At Metca, Health Source, you will meet the most skilled and qualified orthopedics who have also attained certification from the province. Our service giving revolves around quality the reason we choose to work with the best equipment. We are also reachable to all residents of Edmonton and our lines are always open in case of emergencies. Our customer service personnel ensure to follow up on all the patients that come our way by keeping proper records. By doing this, we are usually able to manage the progress of all patients and it also helps in making decisions on what to do next in case of a worsening condition.

Our Goal and Mission

Serving our patients right and to satisfaction is our main goal. Our mission is to make life worth living to anyone in Edmonton that requires orthopedic attention. Our intention also is to rectify any possible deformities and mending the existing ones. Metca Health Source has for some time now gained the trust of many and for that reason we strive hard to get the best therapy equipment and aids used in the orthopedic processes. We care about our patients, which is the reason we offer affordable, durable and comfortable orthopedic aids. Since some conditions come about unexpectedly, we have realized that some of our patients find it difficult to fit in the braces, orthotics, compression stockings or any other prescribed aid. For this reason, we have taken the initiative of training our patients leaving them comfortable to use and ensuring that they fit them on their own.

For quality Braces, Compression Stockings & Custom Orthotics in Edmonton, AB